Meeting the physical/practical needs of trafficking survivors and survivors of other forms of abuse and violence is a critical step in their recovery but without also helping in their emotional healing, the risk of returning to the abusive environment is high. The NEST, the psychosocial services center for the Apple of God’s Eyes, Nepal, embraces a holistic approach to healing that goes beyond supplying physical needs.

Services are determined based upon the individual needs of the survivor and include but are not limited to general and trauma specific counseling, education and tutoring services and social work supports. Staff also provide ongoing training and support to home leaders, school staff and AOGE leadership.





The staff of The NEST align their approaches with the core values of AOGE. NEST staff members are trained in trauma informed care and are trauma responsive.  Expressive arts as well as play-based activities are commonly used in the course of services as these interventions mitigate cultural and language barriers, regardless of the age of the survivor.

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