Shristi Gyan School

The dream of having our own school in Nepal emerged for two main reasons. First, because when we accompanied our children in school, we saw that, with very few exceptions, the methods of educating were old-fashioned. Students routinely suffered physical punishment. Teachers regularly used to beat, ferule, pinch and pull students ears and hair. Standing outside in the sun for forty-five minutes, exposed to the whole school, was a common punishment for those who did not respond correctly to two or three questions in series of forty.

A second reason for starting our school was the embarrassment that our youth suffered when they started to study. Many rescued girls had no opportunity to study before their rescuing or had studied for only a short time. When we enrolled them in school, they started in the early grades with children much younger than them. They were often teased and discriminated against by teachers and students alike.

Students currently
Graduated students (Since 2012)

For the sake of our wanted children we desired to have control of the education process. The dream was realized in 2009, when we received the grant from the Government of Nepal and began the Shristi Gyan Secondary School. “Shristi” means creation and “Gyan” means knowledge. Our school is a place of the creation of knowledge. Currently our school has about 300 students and servers not only rescued children and youth, but also the local community.

Our school is a happy school where students discover and develop their talents. We also work with the goal of a brighter future for our children. During the year we have various activities including: Day of Literature, World Environment Day, Children’s Day and Music Fest. Music Fest encourages students both in music and in dance, which are very strong in local culture.

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We desire to develop capable leaders with new thoughts and ideas, who will influence family and the society of Nepal. This will help collapse of the structure of caste and disseminate to the people of this wonderful nation new concepts of a healthy and wealthy life.

We dream that through our school will pass strong individuals, future presidents, prime ministers, governors, public administrators, doctors, judges, lawyers, engineers, teachers and nurturing parents who will be multipliers of thought centered on the truth, who will act in society directly, with a different mentality and a transformed character.

Our school began with preschool to the fifth-grade. Each year thereafter, we added two more grades. We currently have preschool through grade 10. Our desire is to expand our school by offering grades 11 and 12 of high school. We are unable to do so now because the government of Nepal is in the process of making changes in the education system.

And then? University classes, of course. We will educate the youth of this nation. Our aim is to make solid citizens, entrepreneurs and business owners who will employ many, social services workers, and future leaders of our school, of other schools to be constructed, and of universities that will be created by us and by them.

Enjoy the following video celebrating the 10th anniversary of our school.


You can help us educate the children in Shristi Gyan School by paying the expenses of one child. It cost $ 30.00 (thirty dollars) per month or $ 360.00 (three hundred sixty dollars) per year. This pays school fees and supplies for one child.

As more people give, more children will have the opportunity to study in a well-qualified school, increasing their opportunity for a brighter future.

At this moment, we face the challenge of building our school on a new plot of land. Your donation will make a difference. Contribute now and be part of this educational journey that transforms lives.

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