Our Homes

Our homes house 150 children and young adults and are the core of the big family of AOGE. Our main office and our school are located in the same area of the city as all of our homes.

Each home has a normal behavior of an ordinary family. Staff are hired to help with cooking and cleaning, but all the girls and boys have contribution according to their age and developmental level. Each home has live-in leaders that function as the parents of the children. We developed a system where older children become big sisters or big brothers and help in caring for the younger ones.

The concept of a family home has been a wonderful resource in restoring a sense of belonging, dignity, and self-worth. With simplicity and fellowship, in the rhythm of the home, everything happens. Care, restoration, and hope for a future are available to each individual.

As every family experiences struggles at times, so it is in our homes. Siblings do not always get along and tasks are not always completed in a timely manner. We see problems as opportunities to teach children respect, responsibility and how to have fun. We can see smiles and hear laughter as the children sing, dance and play together.



Being a BIG family


Providing a family environment where there is much laughter and joy


Doing things with compassion, not to be recognized or to get something back


Having and sharing hope with those who have lost it


Rebuilding destroyed foundations and imparting dignity


Seeing redemption everyday

Each home has its characteristics and its peculiarities. We now present to you each one of them:

– Home “Pishon” (Pison)

Our original home remains and is now called the “Pishon Home”. Many of the girls who were there at the beginning helped pioneer the vision of AOGE and are now in leadership positions. Today, the home is led by a married couple, Izabela and Arun.

Home Pishon

– Home “Sweet Home”

Home Sweet Home

The “Sweet Home” is very large. In fact it is a merger of two homes. Located at the foot of a mountain there is a beautiful view from the rooftop. The home accommodates more than 50 girls! There is plenty of work for all the leadership under the direction of Shova and Indira.

– Home “Shital Chahari” (Cool Shade)

The “Shital Chahari Home” led by Angela and Joshuda, is full of dancing and laughter. Here, as in all the other homes, are students and young women employed through the training center or other businesses. Some have testified of the restoration of their life in other nations.

– Home “Reborn”

“Reborn” is our boys’ home, led by the married couple, Marcia and Bikash, with the help of Marcia’s sister, Suzana. It’s a noisy home, full of soccer and a lot of love. The boys are very helpful with the daily tasks, like cleaning and cooking. We are raising boys to become strong men!


Do you want to make difference in an individual life? With $ 100.00 (one hundred dollars) per month or $ 1200.00 (one thousand two hundred) per year you can sponsor a child, youth or a young adult in one of our homes. This pays housing, medical and dental assistance, school, clothing, and all expenses related to home (food, staff, electricity, administrative fees which cost just 4.17%). The more people sponsoring the children and young adults, the more girls and boys will be welcomed into the AOGE family.

Set you sponsorship through the form below. We will contact you with photos and news about the child or young adult you are helping.

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