Free to Fly

As the youth matured, reaching age eighteen and completing grade 12, we felt the need to encourage them to become more independent. We believe that part of human dignity is to be free to make your own decisions and go your own way.

In 2012, a Law and Childhood Judge from Brazil visited us. She introduced the idea of “independent living”, where the youth who are of age can spread their wings and begin moving out of our homes. The Free to Fly program was started because of this.

In this program, AOGE helps by furnishing small apartments. The young people pay their rent and food costs as well as for any personal items. We do not stop monitoring and assisting them if they are in difficulty. However, they are responsible for making their own decisions.

When a small child starts walking, it ceases to be in our lap, but does not stop receiving our care. Just as birth parents may face difficulties with their children as they grow, so it is with AOGE. Young people do not always make good choices, but we are always there to offer our encouragement and support.

So far, more around 90 young people have “flown”. Some have remained working with us, and some are working in businesses. Some married and others have moved throughout Nepal and to other nations. We can say that most are flying well and higher!

The Free to Fly program also benefits our staff and other teen and young adults who want to live with their family instead of independently. Around 30 houses were built with this purpose. It is amazing to see their dream of having their own house being fulfilled in their lives!

I am Tamy. I remember how hard my life was before coming to AOGE. My father was addicted to alcohol and my mother had to work to provide for our family. He used to fight with her all the time. Because of that, my three sisters, my brother and I were placed in organizations. My two elder sisters were living with AOGE, but I was living with my brother and other sister in other organization. I remember that it was not a good environment. The caretaker used to beat us, sometimes without reason. I was seven years old in 2005 when my sisters arranged for all of us be together in AOGE. They received us with their arms wide open!

I’m very grateful to AOGE because what my sisters and I are now, is a reflection of what they did for us. Through AOGE I could know what love and care mean. I got the chance of having a good education.
After concluding my secondary level, I thought it was the time to live with my parents again. They were not fighting as before and because I wanted to help care for them as they are getting old. The AOGE had already provided a shelter for my parents and now I can live with them. They also helped me obtain my first job at their office. With my earnings I can help my family. I am studying Management in University because of the AOGE scholarship program.
The AOGE made all the difference in my life and of family!

Hello, my name is Kabita. I came to the AOGE in 2003. I was five years old. My sister was already living with AOGE. They received me because I had no one to look after me.

My father left my family when I was born, and my mother had to work. I do not remember living with my family, but I always wanted to live with my mother. It happened when I was 18 years old!

I’m very grateful to the AOGE for providing me a family environment when I didn’t have with my family, for granting me the opportunity to study and helping me to open myself and become who I am. My life has been changed! Now, I’m being helped in my studies in Business.

I’m also grateful because they reintegrated me with my family. After the 2015 earthquake, the AOGE was building many houses for many people. They built a house for my family. In that time, my mother, my elder sister and brother were living there.

I wasn’t living with them because I wanted to clear my studies. After the conclusion of the 10th grade, finally I got the opportunity to live with my family again.

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