About Us

The Apple of God’s Eyes Nepal is a project carried out in Kathmandu, Nepal, since 2000, jointly by two NGOs, Hope Mobilization (https://www.hopemobilization.org/), Brazilian NGO, and Nepalese Home (https: / /www.nepalesehome.com/), a Nepalese NGO.

The aim of The Apple of God’s Eyes (AOGE) is to rescue Nepalese girls who have been victims of human trafficking, especially for sexual exploitation in the neighbor India. It is estimated that 12,000 Nepalese girls are trafficked to India each year for this purpose. Learn more about human trafficking on Human Trafficking Issue page.





Our Homes

For this work, we have four shelter homes, where the girls are received with great affection in a family environment. We always say that we are not simply an organization, but a family, whose goal is to provide hope, compassion, dignity, and joy to our children.

We receive not only girls who are victims of human trafficking, but also children at risk. These children might be orphans, those living in extreme poverty, those living on the streets, or other children on the margins of society.

Today, around 150 children and young people live in our four houses, three of which are for girls and one for boys. More than 600 people have passed through the AOGE.

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Shristi Gyan School

We understand that restoring a person’s dignity involves education and work. Wishing to accompany our children in their studies and in the certainty that they would study in a safe and unprejudiced environment, we opened our own school in 2009. Today, not only our children study there, but also children from the community where the school is located.

We always look for opportunities to offer vocational courses to those who have completed or are about to complete regular studies. With the help of partners, we also send our young people to university. We have young people studying medicine, administration, psychology, dentistry, law, social work and others.

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Sustainability Projects

We also have sustainability projects that are business initiatives, where young people can learn and develop new skills and have the opportunity for their first job. Through these projects, we intend to multiply our resources so that AOGE can grow even more and reach more people. See more on Sustainability Projects page.

Free to Fly

For those who have reached a certain maturity level and wish to be independent, we have the “Free to Fly” program. This program assists with the transition and continues to monitor the person’s progress.

See more on Free to Fly page.

Scholarship Program

Our goal is not just to lessen the ills of human trafficking by reaching some of its victims. We want to end human trafficking. We want to prevent more people from being victimized by this cruelty.

For this reason, we also work with the distribution of scholarships in other cities and villages in Nepal. A child’s chances of being trafficked drops dramatically when he is studying.

Along with the distribution of school grants, we promote awareness programs for the benefited children’s families and others living the cities and villages.

See more on Scholarship Program page.

Community Health-Care Services

In addition to the distribution of scholarships and prevention programs, we serve the Nepalese community with medical and dental care. For this, we have a clinic located at our school and a mobile clinic to serve people from afar.

See more on Community Health-Care Services page.

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