Shristi Gyan School students passed the S.E.E exam!

It is with great joy that we announce that all Shristi Gyan School students in the 2020 class passed the S.E.E exam!

In Nepal, after completing elementary school, students must pass this exam. It is known as the Iron Gate, because it is a turning point in the student’s life. If they fail, they will not be able to continue studying in high school and later attend college. They will also not be able to take a driver’s license and, inevitably, will not get any opportunity for a good job. Because of this reality, students feel very pressured by the family and their own expectations. Unfortunately, there have been cases where students committed suicide because they failed.

Shristi Gyan School students passed the S.E.E exam with honor! They will be able to continue with their studies and prospects for a great future ahead. We congratulate Shristi Gyan students, parents, teachers and the entire staff.

The Shristi Gyan School was opened in 2009. Since 2012, more than 100 students from our school have been submitted to S.E.E. None of them failed! This shows that the education offered at the Shristi Gyan school is of quality. And it will continue to be.

We are grateful to everyone who contributes with us to keep the school open. You can also help more young Nepalese people to have the opportunity for quality education. Do it now on our Contribute page.

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