What we have done during the pandemic

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During this period that we face, a lot of people ask us what have we been doing during the pandemic. Since March 22, the Apple of God’s Eyes has decided that all children and adolescents who live in our homes, as well as employees, should be quarantined. At that time, the government of Nepal already indicated that it would implement the lock down in the country. This ended up happening a few days later.

At first there were not many cases of Covid-19 in Nepal. It was only in June that cases began to increase massively, but as people had been at home for a long time and many were in financial crisis, the government decided to ease the lock down.

The AOGE still continues to observe some security protocols, as we have many children and young people living in our four homes. Exits are being avoided and those who leave, if necessary, are isolated from living with others.

Several activities are being done to entertain the children, encourage creativity and raise awareness about the period we are facing. On a particular day, for example, to thank and encourage health professionals who take so much risk, our children designed posters, created plays and prayed for these anonymous heroes.

Every morning, we have online meetings with the children, AOGE employees and partners. There are songs, plays, chat, words of encouragement and needs are checked.

AOGE has also reached out to those in need. Food and medicines are being given to people who are experiencing difficulties at this time.

We thank all those who have been concerned with us and provided financial support so that our needs are met and that we could help more Nepalese.

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