Scholarship Distribution

On our “Scholarship Program” page, we have already shown how the scholarship distribution is effective in the fight against human trafficking. When a child is enrolled and attending school, the chance of being trafficked drops dramatically. They still remain with their family and in their own community, which we believe is best for them. They will be educated by their own family in their own cultural context. Therefore, we go to great lengths to reach more children in our scholarship program.

With immense joy, at the beginning of March we distributed scholarship to over 200 children. The benefited regions were Deurali, Namdu, Yelung and Bimeshowor. Each scholarship covers the cost of enrollment and tuition at the local school for a child, as well as supplies and school uniform, including a pair of shoes.

We thank all partners who believe in our work, contribute with us and, thus, participate in the fight against human trafficking with us through the scholarship distribution. Without these partners, it would be impossible to idealize this work.

The efforts of AOGE in education already reach 850 individuals. By 2023, we have the goal with the Nepalese government to reach 1200. The cost of a scholarship is only $ 10.00 (ten dollars) per month. Join this program and help us to provide education for more children and prevent them from being trafficked. Make your registration and contribution on the page “Scholarship Program”.

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